If you haven’t read my post on SNEAKER FREAKER yet, then jump on over or stay here and I’ll school you on who RASHAD SMITH is. He’s been making beats like forever, most notably selling killer tunes to Main Source, Eric B and Rakim and A Tribe Called Quest since the age of 19. He worked over at Uptown Records when MJB was on the come up and was eventually taken over to Bad Boy and created the infamous HITMEN team. He pretty much is the reason why you nod your head so hard to BIGGIE SMALLS, turning ONE MORE CHANCE into the most played remix of its time. He’s worked with everyone and is responsible for the majority of beats coming out of hip hop’s golden era. Oh and yeah on the side, he’s a DJ. He was in town last week spinning for Erykah Badu and hit me up through a mutual mate (the incomparable Mr OMAR EDWARDS aka THE ROC BOYS!), so we connected and off to Sneaker Freaker we went. Read the rest of what went down HERE. He’s a legend and so bluddy humble – they just don’t make em like this anymore!


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